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Manuel Cecil Stark

Manuel "Cecil" Stark, born March 2, 1937, was the owner and establisher of Cecil Stark Sawmill and Logging. Cecil was one of sixteen children born into a family of long-time "professional cedar choppers" in the hills west of Austin. They had to sacrifice most (if not all) formal education, refinements and amenities. It was back breaking work, long hours and literally a hand to mouth existence. His entire family pitched in just to get by as they migrated from ranch to ranch.

Stark Inc. History

When Cecil married, he and his new family made their way South and settled in Danciger. Nine years later, after saving and sacrificing, he was able start a "little sawmill of his own". Despite his illiteracy, meager funds, and substandard machinery, the business did well. However, this was short lived due to a fire.

Undiscouraged and optimistic, Cecil gave the sawmill business another try. This decision proved to be beneficial and quite lucrative. The company was able to attain more adequate, updated, and specific machinery, referrals, and an honest and fair reputation; all of which led to expansion.

What started as a small sawmill and logging company in 1972, has evolved into Stark Inc., which is still owned and operated by his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Although he left many material possessions and assets, the most valuable is his deep-rooted work ethic and unfaltering ambition he instilled in his children/lineage.